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Information about Area 34 Assembly

The information below is an overview of how Area 34 Assembly operates and functions.

We encourage all GSR's and DCM's to attend however any AA member may attend. Area 34 is now offered in person or virtually. 

The areas hold an important position in the U.S./Canada General Service Conference structure. The areas are directly connected to the A.A. groups and their members through DCMs and GSRs. At the same time, they participate in the decision-making of A.A. through area delegates. At the heart of each area is the assembly meeting, where the democratic voice of our Fellowship expresses itself. While each area has the autonomy to conduct its meetings according to its conscience, Concept XII offers the General Warranties of the Conference as the guiding principles to remain democratic in thought and action. The A.A.Service Manual p18


More about AREA 34 ASSEMBLY: The Area 34 Assembly holds an important middle position within the structure of our A.A. General Service Conference. Through our elected delegate, we participate in A.A. worldwide. When districts elect a D.C.M.’s and groups a G.S.R.’s it is close to the local scene. The Area 34 Assembly addresses a variety of topics and discussion such as General Service Conference business to group challenges and solutions and how we. Sharing sessions, public information programs, workshops and video presentations keep A.A. strong and participation in service growing in the area.

Our past trusted servants (past delegates, past trustees and past officers) help to guide the area to an informed group conscience. The business of Area 34 is brought forth, discussed and voted upon to help carry the message of A.A.

Through participation of Area 34 at the Mock Conference, the Pre-Conference Assembly and through the work of our Standing Committees the elected delegate is able to take with him/her the experience of the Assembly and the State, to be able to participate in the Group Conscience of A.A. as a whole.

READ MORE Western Michigan Area 34 General Service Guidelines Handbook


Assembly starts at 10:30. Lunch is approximately at noon.


READINGS: Preamble, Twelve Traditions, Twelve Concepts (Concept for the Month)

ROLL CALL OF DISTRICTS: (update during assembly if additional District’s arrive)



STANDING SERVICE COMMITTEES: (New GSRs/DCMs meet with Alternate Delegate. Others can see the Chairperson or Secretary for committee assignment if not currently serving on a Group/District Service Committee.)


  • Secretary’s Report/Minutes

  • Treasurer’s Report

  • Delegate’s Report 

  • Standing & Special Service Committee Reports - (Chairs, please submit written summary of committee meeting/report to Secretary)

OLD BUSINESS: (For the benefit of the person originating any motion, the entire Assembly, the Chairperson, and the Secretary – please write out motions prior to making them, and then give the written motions to the Chairperson.)

A) Item #1

B) Item #2

C) Other


A) Item #1

B) Item #2

C) Other





Attending the virtual hybrid Assembly Meeting

Meeting ID: 521 659 0401

Please remember to:

  • Review the agenda set forth in the Guidelines.

  • Be prepared to address group concerns after district roll call,

  • Bring up any new business after lunch.​

  • Join Zoom with microphone muted and video on. 

  • We try to accommodate all virtual users,.

  • We adhere to the agenda set forth in the Guidelines. ​

  • Raise your hand when you'd like to speak

  • Do not write your concern in the chat, the Assembly body will not hear or see it.

  • Wait to be called on by the Assembly Chair. You may be the only hand-up on Zoom, but there may be people lined up at the microphone in person. 

  • The chat is not monitored by the Assembly Chairperson. ​

  • The virtual option is an alternative to attending Assembly in person.

  • We encourage all to attend Assembly in person if possible.

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