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Area 34 Officers  

AREA 34 ASSEMBLY OFFICERS: Your Area 34 trusted leaders serve the West Michigan A.A. fellowship by overseeing administration functions during and in-between the Area 34 Assembly business meetings. They are responsible for coordinating area business affairs, setting the agenda, recording minutes, technology, and look after our finances to name a few.

Feel free to contact our area officers via email by clicking on their name.
Area 34 Chairperson - Carson W.         

Area 34 Secretary - Brett A.

Area 34 Treasurer - Dominick G

Area 34 Delegate - Jim H.

Area 34 Alt. Delegate - Ed B.

Archives Chair- Suzzy S.   

Corrections Chair- Ted A.

Directories Chair (Registrar) - Kim P.

Finance Chair - Brian S.

Grapevine Chair - Mike B.

Literature Chair- Tom W.

Pi/CPC Chair- Barb H.

Accessibilities Chair- Hank H.

Treatment Chair - Katie F.

Technology Chair - Mike T.

Guidelines/Handbook Keeper - Harry H.

Archivist  - Mike Y. 

Technician: Brett A. 


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